A Belgian company!

We are a Belgian company and in 2001 we launched our first CLICS blocks in the market.

Since then, millions of children in more than forty countries have been playing with our building blocks.

In 2016 we have added the magnetic construction toy MAGFORMERS to our assortment and in 2017 we have launched CLICFORMERS. In 2018 the magnetic STEM toy TILEBLOX was added. And in 2019, STICK-O.

At Clics Toys we love both toys and children. It is the perfect mix for putting our heart and soul into developing educational toys both parents and children are fond of. The fact that we are doing a good job has been confirmed by the numerous awards we have already won. But that is not what drives us.
Clics Toys is driven by a genuine belief in the value and the importance of educational toys for the development of children. Therefore, we continue to invest in innovation and development.