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Let’s Click & Play

Robots! Airplanes! Penguins! Unicorns! If you can imagine it, you can make it with Clicformers. These cheerful building blocks completely capture the imagination of your toddler or preschooler. From simple to more well-thought-out constructions: everything is possible depending on the age of your child.

Bonne T.

“With this box you can make anything you want. With other brands you are more limited in options. The advantage of this box is that there are enough blocks for several bowers! My 4-year-old son keeps playing with it, and I’m having fun with it myself ;-)”

Lieke K.

“My kids aged 4 & 5 love to play with this. They invent buildings themselves, but the eldest also works with the booklet. The plastic turns out to be less sturdy than expected, but nothing has fallen yet!”

Clicformers vs Clics

At first sight, Clicformers are very similar to Clics. There are indeed similarities: children both really enjoy playing with them and their development is also stimulated. However, you cannot use Clicformers and Clics interchangeably. Let’s explain the differences from!

More shapes and accessories

In addition to square blocks, Clicformers also consist of many other shapes. There are also curved and triangular plates and a range of additional accessories. More options for even more creativity!

More ways to build

Clicformers can not only be clicked together, you can also crochet, stack and even fold! Use your child’s creativity in even more ways!

More decorative elements

In each set of Clicformers you will also find deco plates, which you can brighten up with colorful stickers. Personalize your structures in your own way!

Clicking Easier

Clicformers are made of ABS, a high-quality plastic. They are sturdier and therefore click in and out even easier!

Need inspiration for your next construction?

Why Clicformers?

Clicformers guarantees hours of fun. Moreover, children build – literally – on their cognitive development and their fine motor skills.
The blocks of Clicformers respond in an organic way to the different development phases. It is a toy that stimulates your child and grows with them.

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Clicformers Puppy Friends set is Toy of the Year
Clicformers Puppy Friends set is Toy of the Year
Clicformers Puppy Friends set is Toy of the Year