What’s Clicformers

CLICFORMERS: fun and colourful construction toys

Clicformers is fun and colourful construction toy for children from the age of 4. With a simple principle – let’s click & play – your child will learn through play with this educational toy. Clicformers speak to the imagination with their game of clicking building blocks together. Your infant or toddler can build simple or very well thought-out constructions with this construction toy, depending on the age of the child. The lively building blocks of this educational toy easily click in or onto each other and respond to the sensory pleasure of young children. With Clicformers construction toys, children can let their creativity run freely by clicking the building blocks together exactly as they like. The shapes your child builds with it are perfect for role play. Clicformers blocks are super strong, permanently reusable and can be mutually combined. In short, learning through play with the educational toys of Clicformers stands for endlessly creative and extensive fun.

Clicformers versus CLICS

At first sight, Clicformers may look very much like Clics. Indeed, there are similarities. Like Clics, Clicformers are very fun and educational construction toys. However, you cannot use both building blocks combined because Clicformers are not Clics. What are the differences? Clicformers are larger than Clics. This allows more geometric shapes to be added to the play sets to make even more creative constructions. That is what makes them also more practical to build with. Because Clicformers are made of a different material – high-quality ABS – the building blocks can also be clicked together and they click together more easily. An additional innovation is that you can also place the Clicformers blocks at a certain angle and thanks to the hook block you can now also add blocks from the outside.


In addition to the fact that Clicformers guarantees a great deal of play fun, by playing with Clicformers children literally work on their cognitive development and their gross motor skills. In other words, Clicformers is the perfect toy to help the child’s development. With Clicformers you work on sustainable development at every level. Because Clicformers respond organically to the various stages of development. Child and parent love Clicformers, which stimulates children’s first gripping reflexes from the beginning, and subsequently plays an important role in the development of eye-hand coordination. Clicformers grows with your child, who learns to recognise patterns, but also starts to build moving constructions, thus developing creativity. And just because children have so much fun using Clicformers, they will play with them even more often. That is why Clicformers is synonymous with sustainable development: learning through play is the engine that drives the child’s development.

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