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2017 will be all Clics!

The new year will be completely Clics even before it has started. That’s because the eye catcher of the party evening will be your 2017, built with nothing but Clics construction toys. Let the countdown begin!

Clics all year
Clics are brilliant, sustainable toys to play with all year. During summer, winter, inside and outside. Clics are solid toys and guarantee many years of playing fun and admiring looks and comments. Are you building a 2017 made of Clics for new years’ eve? You’ll even be able to put it in the garden to welcome your guests. That should set the tone. Party people will now what there in for as soon as they arrive: A stylish transition into the new year accompanied by some clever clogs who surely know what to do with construction toys.

Extra special: ‘16 becomes ‘17
Do you want to turn things into something dynamic? Then go ahead and make a 6 as well as a 7 with Clics. Change it at exactly the right moment to go literally from 2016 to 2017. After that, just recycle your number 6 and start the new year playing. Indeed, that’s another fun advantage of sustainable toys: You can build new stuff with them over and over.

Decorative construction toys
This may sound crazy, but they do exist. How else would you describe a giant 2017 made from Clics? Right: It is a decorative eye catcher built with construction toys. With Clics building blocks your creativity rules. Construction toys allow you to build anything you can possibly imagine. And thanks to the vivid colours, you’ll be able to add some extra sparkle to your 2017 by using Glitter Clics. It’s all about starting a shiny new year, literally in this case!

Quickly discover the Clics novelties for 2017 and order your Clics for the ultimate party mood!

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