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Clics stimulates your child’s fine motor skills

The motoric development of your child is incredibly important. From the first years of their life, children’s fine motor skills need to be stimulated. Otherwise they’ll have to deal with the consequences later on. If your infant develops his or her fine motor skills, it will learn how to grab small objects and move them around. Toys like Clics are ideal for this.

The difference between gross and fine motor skills

When it comes to motor skills, a distinction can be made between gross and fine motor skills. Gross motor skills involve large movements like crawling, running, jumping, riding a bicycle,… Fine motor skills deal with smaller hand gestures. Both types are important. Children learn how to use their senses and develop their brain. It also strengthens the connection between both cerebral hemispheres.

Control and co-ordinate movements

 The development of fine motor skills starts with birth. Baby’s use their hands to grasp and discover small objects. In the beginning, these movements are simple:

• palmar grasp reflex
• passing objects from one hand to the other
• examine objects with hands
• grasp things with several fingers

In a later stage, children will learn things like eating with a fork, drawing, painting and cutting.

Stimulate fine motor skills with toys

When babies are a couple of months old, they start to grasp all kinds of objects. Toys are ideal to for them to learn about what they’re capable of and to discover the world. You can’t use every type of toys, though. It’s important that it corresponds to your child’s level op development, otherwise he or she won’t be interested at all.

Don’t feel like running to the store every few weeks or months? Then you should consider Clics. The building blocks are suitable for toddlers, infants and children in primary school. You can build the craziest constructions and your children will have hours and hours of fun. This way, fine motor skills are developed while having fun at the same time. Want to find out more? Discover our products in our webshop and fall in love with our collection of heroes, dinosaurs, animals and much more!


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