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Creative builders deserve new Clics!

Are you also crazy about Clics building toys? Then surely you have already built the most amazing things with them! A classic like a toy truck, but perhaps also a toy dog or even a toy monkey? No monkey? Maybe because you didn’t have the matching building plan for that? Fortunately, that is included in the newest Clics Build & Play Drum 10 in 1.

Start to build!
It is a slogan that we truly support at Clics. Playing with building toys makes you smarter. That is why Clics are educational toys. And extremely fun educational toys they are! Admit it… Building a toy bulldozer is super fun, right? And with the new Clics Build & Play Drum 10 in 1 and your creativity, you’ll build one in no time! This new Clics package contains 226 Clics building blocks, 49 accessories and fun stickers for the finishing touch of your creations.

Your own Clics empire!
Do you know what is the most fun about Clics? The fact they are building toys that are very durable allowing you to play with them endlessly and to create new constructions each time. Also, all building blocks and packages can be combined meaning your building experiments won’t have to stop after you’ve built that gorgeous toy bulldozer. You can keep building until you have an entire Clics empire. Just imagine… A world created by you, entirely built with Clics.

1 drum: 10 creations
Isn’t this something… the building blocks from this Clics bucket are shaped by your creativity alone. Building block after building block, you are working towards a result that you will be proud to show off. We are quite curious as to what creation you prefer to build? Please let us know?

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