Clipeez® fit on shopping trolleys with handles from 25mm to 35mm diameter. There are many different shopping trolleys in circulation and the majority of them has handles with a maximum diameter of 35mm. There are also shopping trolleys with handles larger than 35mm diameter on which the Clipeez® cannot be used.

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In these exceptional times, as a toy manufacturer, we have given our product developers the assignment to think about products that can help in the fight against Covid-19.

They came up with detachable shopping trolley handles = Clipeez®.

The concept is very simple:

  • You click the Clipeez® on the handle of the shopping trolley and after shopping you can easily remove them. You take them home, put them in the dishwasher or wash them with water and soap.
  • Ready for the next store visit.

In addition, the original design of the Clipeez® ensures that they can be used on different types of shopping trolleys.

The major advantage of Clipeez® is that you no longer have to touch the handle of the trolley.

The Clipeez® are Made in Belgium; they are durable and some models are made from 100% recycled plastic.

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1.Are my Clipeez® better than disinfecting the trolleys now?
There is still so much unknown about the Covid-19 virus, that we won’t pronounce ourselves on this. But what is known is that mouth mask work, as well as social distancing and avoiding direct contact with people and surfaces.
When using your Clipeez® properly, you won’t have to touch the handles of the shopping trolley no longer, so it can only help more in avoiding contact with the eventual infected handle. Studies have shown that the virus can remain active on plastic for up to 3 days (New England Journal of Medicine published March 17, 2020 ). An incomplete or non-disinfected handle can therefore carry the virus for quite a long time.


2. Isn’t it better to wear sterile gloves?
When sterile gloves are used correctly, they should be thrown away after every shopping visit, which is not a sustainable solution. Your Clipeez® can be reused every time again, after having them cleaned with soap and warm water or having put them in the dishwasher.


3. What do I do with my Clipeez® after shopping?
Simply clean them with soap and warm water when you get home or put them in the dishwasher.


4. What type of shopping trolleys do the Clipeez® fit? The Clipeez® fit on handles with a diameter of 25mm to 35mm, which is the case for the largest part of the shopping trolleys. These are the standard carts with round handle to the carts with slightly wider handles. However, there are also carts with even wider handles (+ 45mm) on the market and our Clipeez® do not fit these.


5. Tip: in the supermarket there are many doors of refrigerated compartments or freezers. Take one of your Clipeez® from your caddie and open also these doors using your Clipeez®. That’s smart!

ATTENTION: The Clipeez® do NOT fit this type of handle. These shopping trolleys with a larger handle are used at some Aldi and Lidl stores. Because of the wider handle, there is a chance that the Clipeez® come off from the shopping trolley sponteously (see video below)