Motor development

Motor development in children

Simply put, a child’s motor development is the extent to which the child learns to move. Or better still, the extent to which children learn to gain control over their movements. Babies, infants, toddlers and children need to learn to move. And that happens through gross and fine motor skills exercises. Why is that important? Because research has shown that children who fall behind in their motor development also experience emotional and cognitive disadvantages. In other words: children whose motor skills develop less fluently become insecure, making it more difficult to develop social contacts and may fall behind in terms of learning.

What types of motor development are there?

1. Fine motor skills

Fine motor skills are often also called eye-hand coordination. Because fine motor skills involve moving smaller parts of your body like your fingers or your hands. Doing jigsaw puzzles is a good example of an activity that requires a lot of fine motor skills, but writing is also included in the fine motor skills.

2. Gross motor skills

Gross motor skills refer to the conscious movement of large body parts such as arms or legs, in sequence or at the same time. Examples of gross motor skills include catching something or doing a handstand, but also walking. So, gross motor skills relate to major types of conscious and controlled movement. Frequently playing outdoors greatly stimulates the development of gross motor skills.

How can Clicformers and Magformers help improve a child’s motor skills?

1. Gripping reflexes

With their vibrant colours and practical shape, Clicformers and Magformers perfectly focus on the gripping reflexes of small children. Children are very attracted to Magformers and Clicformers because of their colours. That attraction stimulates their gripping reflex. The shape of the blocks is designed so that small children’s hands can easily grab and hold them. The building blocks of Clicformers and Magformers draw your child’s attention in such a way that stimulates the gripping reflex. The blocks are irresistible to your child!

2. Fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination

The good thing about both Clicformers and Magformers is that the toys will continue to be equally fascinating as your child grows older. It improves your child’s motor skills in every developmental phase. After the gripping reflexes, the toys of Clics Toys focus on the fine motor skills and the hand-eye coordination of your child. How? Because your child will discover that it can also click the building blocks together, for example. Or by experiencing and experimenting with the magnetic force. And Clicformers and Magformers offer more! Because your child can also make its creations move. You will see that our toys make both hands work together in an increasingly sophisticated and expanding way, not through boring exercises, but with fun educational toys!