What are educational toys?

Educational toys play a key role in your child’s development. Because they are smart toys. Not because of artificial intelligence, but because educational games contribute to good intellectual, social and motor development. There are 2 reasons for that:

  • Educational toys are designed to promote your child’s development.
  • Quality educational toys are so clever that your child thinks it’s just a lot of fun. Your child plays and learns.

Learning through play is important

It is scientifically proven that learning through play is important. Because playing helps to develop children. Children who play with the right educational toys develop better. Playing is by far the most natural form of learning. That is why investing in educational toys is important. As a parent, but also as a society.

Children play!

They do it because they enjoy it. Educational toys respond to that need or urge and offer added value: they have been designed with the aim to promote and further develop specific skills of your child.

Children learn in different ways

Educational toys are not necessarily blocks with letters of the alphabet or memory cards. Children learn in different ways. And the best way for them to learn is when they are not aware of it. Clics Toys develops its construction toys with that thought in mind.

Why is investing in educational toys important?

Why educational toys, you may wonder.
We would like to explain how educational toys promote your child’s development. And even in what areas they do this.

Educational toys help with motor development

Educational toys are more than just fun. Obviously, your child has a lot of fun playing, but when we design the toys we also take into account the child’s motor development. That is why smart educational toys respond well to every stage of the child’s motor development: from the first gripping reflex to improving fine motor skills. Look at Clics, Clicformers and Magformers! The building blocks fit perfectly in little hands and have attractive colours which make children want to grab them. And when your child is ready for it, it clipses the pieces together. Each time one step further …..

Educational toys develop social intelligence

Is that possible? Developing your social skills when you play on your own at home? Yes, you can with educational toys! Because they respond to the child’s imagination and make role play possible. This way, your child takes on a different role every time. That is good for social skills and empathy. It is important to work on empathy at a young age. Role play with educational toys is the perfect foundation!

Clics Toys’ vision on educational toys

At Clics Toys we love both toys and children. It is the perfect mix for putting our heart and soul into developing educational toys both parents and children are fond of. The fact that we are doing a good job has been confirmed by the numerous awards we have already won. But that is not what drives us. Clics Toys is driven by a genuine belief in the value and the importance of educational toys for the development of children. Therefore, we continue to invest in innovation and development.

Based on the child’s development

Clics Toys develops toys based on the child’s development, as a parent. We know how important it is for children to enjoy toys. That is the best guarantee that they will play for hours and at the same time the certainty that investing in educational toys pays off. At every level.

Attention to the child’s social environment

That is why Clics Toys pays a lot of attention to the child’s social environment. The toys of Clics Toys are educational toys for both girls and boys. Clics, Clicformers & Magformers appeal to toddlers, but also to older children. Every box must meet our requirement that the toy should grow with your child.

Children are the feature

At Clics Toys we believe that every child is entitled to fun toys. And because every child is also entitled to good development, Clics Toys makes educational toys. And we take that far beyond the Belgian borders. We invest in learning through play and educational programmes as far as Korean schools. Because we know that children are the future.