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Who says that building toys are not for girls has clearly not seen the Blossom series of Clicformers! What do you think of this Blossom 100 pcs box full of building blocks in fresh pastel colors? Admit it, seeing the package alone will give your child the urge to start building right away! And then you haven’t told her what you can build with this Blossom 100 pcs from Clicformers. In addition to the fact that you can let your own inspiration run free, you are also helped by the booklet full of building plans that is included in the package. In need of more inspiration? Download more building plans online! Curious to know what you can build with this Blossom 100 pcs package? How about an elephant with a funny trunk or a proud peacock? Do you prefer smaller animals? That’s possible too! The squirrel and the crab will immediately be your favorites! To reward yourself, you can also build a trophy, for example after you have successfully built the plane, the baby stroller or the camper! You will certainly have earned that trophy, especially if you know that the STEM toys from Clicformers will make you even smarter!

Clicformers vs. Clics
At first sight, Clicformers look very similar to Clics. There are indeed a lot of similarities. What’s most important is that Clicformers is a fun, educational construction toy, like Clics. Yet, you can’t combine both building blocks, because Clicformers are not Clics. With Clicformers, you still build in the same way, namely by clicking the blocks, but Clicformers are capable of doing more, because of the new concept.

What are the differences?
– Clicformers are made of a different kind of plastic: high quality ABS. The building blocks can even be stacked on top of each other and they are more easy to be clicked. You only need half of the power compared with Clics. Clicformers are brighter and have an even more beautiful color.
– Clicformers allow you to keep on building, even when you have made a little cube. Due to the hook-block, you can keep building on the outside of your construction.
– Clicformers are bigger than Clics, so more and different geometric shapes can be added to the play sets in the future. Children will be able to build more creativity. The bigger building blocks of Clicformers also lie better in the hands of children.
– Clicformers have holes in the flat part, which is smartly conceived to attach accessories, like deco plates, pyramids or domes.
– Clicformers have little teeth on the connectors, whereby you can lock them in 11 different angular positions.

In conclusion: with Clicformers you are able to build in 4 different ways: click, stack, fold and hook on,… in short even more building pleasure!

WARNING: Choking Hazard – Toys not suitable for children under 3 years – the small parts could choke a child.

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