Drum Clics Dino Squad 7 in 1


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The Dinos are back! Build the terrifying Oviraptor or invent your own fearsome prehistoric animals. The Dino Squad is afraid of nothing and no-one, and has no problem facing up to the giants. Build a super-cool hovercraft and go and fight the beasts! The Dino Drum makes it all possible! You can immediately see yourself in prehistoric times. The Dino Drum contains no fewer than 7 models to build! With no fewer than 330 Clics, 44 accessories and stickers you make as many as 4 different Dinos, 2 jeeps and a hovercraft! So get going!

WARNING: choking hazard- toys not suitable for children under 3 years.- the small parts could shoke a child.

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Weight2169 g
Dimensions29 x 29 x 26 cm


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