Amazing Police and Rescue Set


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Are you as crazy about the police as about rescue services? Do you love helping people? Then get this Magformers Amazing Police and Rescue Set ! You build your own rescue helicopter, police car or other rescue vehicles with the magnetic building blocks from this package. And because you also need a base, you can also build a police station with this Magformers set. There is even a police officer and a fireman in the package! With the Magformers Amazing Police and Rescue Set every rescue will end well from now on. And while you become a hero, you also get smarter, because Magformers are STEM toys. That means you train your brain while you play. So let the siren roar! This way everyone knows that you are busy with the nicest brain training that exists: Magformers!

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Dimensions26.2 × 8.5 × 18.2 cm


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