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Are you a hero by nature? Someone who immediately jumps to rescue a kitten from a tree, extinguishes a fire, or gives first aid? With the Magformers Amazing Rescue Set you get everything you need to build your own rescue services. With this magnetic construction toy you can build a rescue aircraft, rescue vehicles or a fire truck or fire station based on the instructions provided. Of course you will also find a firefighter in the package, a matter of immediately enjoying a flying start. With this incredibly fun Rescue Set you not only save people in need, but also your results in school. Because playing with Magformer’s STEM toys makes you smarter. You learn to think playfully in 2D and 3D while experiencing the greatest building fun. In short, this Magformers Amazing Rescue Set puts a smile on your face and that of your parents!

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Dimensions28.7 × 8 × 24.2 cm


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