Tileblox Rainbow 104 pieces Set


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The largest building plans can be realized with the Tileblox Rainbow 104 pieces Set. Create imposing creations with the 104 magnetic tiles of this set. Building with Tileblox is so nice that you can hardly believe that it’s also a STEM toy. Yes, playing with Tileblox will not only make your child happy, but also smarter! Amazing, but that is not surprising if you consider that your child’s creativity really knows no bounds with the 24 triangles, 44 squares, 4 trapezoids, 8 rectangles and 12 isosceles and 12 rectangular triangles from this Tileblox set. Never before have 3D creations looked so futuristic and colorful. Tileblox magnetic toy is suitable for future architects from 3 years.

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Weight3100 g
Dimensions44.2 × 5.8 × 37.2 cm


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