TILEBLOX: the perfect STEM toy

Tileblox is an incredibly fun magnetic toy that happens to be the perfect STEM toy. STEM toys? Can it speak? Sorry, no. STEM refers to the English words for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It is an internationally recognized term that basically means that you are dealing with toys that you will not only enjoy endlessly; you immediately become smarter, just by playing with it. Awesome, no? Finally it has been recognized that playful learning is also really efficient! And children can only benefit from that. Finally, there is still time enough for boring theory. At first we play with Tileblox STEM toys to conquer the world afterwards.

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How does Tileblox work?

Tileblox is a magnetic toy. Or better, they’re magnetic tiles. By combining the semi-transparent tiles, you create 2D or 3D figures and structures that can be easily assembled or disassembled by the Tileblox magnets. When the light falls through the constructions, they get a playful, almost magical character that children find enchanting. Tileblox can be combined endlessly and can be stored in no time: simply stack and the magnets do the rest.

Development of creativity and brain

Tileblox is the ultimate STEM toy. Children develop their curiosity and creativity while building with Tileblox, but also their mathematical and 3D thinking or spatial insight. With the magnetic tiles you can design everything you can think of. With this, young children from 3 years of age learn to distinguish between colors and shapes. The colorful tiles and their intriguing forms respond to the curiosity of children who immediately learn that concentration and patience come in hand when realizing your Tileblox dreams.