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Back to school…with Clics!

Clics…? Aren’t those toys? Umm…, yes. Real fun toys even! And fortunately also educational toys. That implies that you actually do learn something while playing. An excellent way to start the schoolyear in a smart and fun way, right?

Clics in the classroom: building, playing and learning together
It seems like yesterday, that last school day, yet
summer vacation is already behind us and every morning schoolbags are waiting to hit the road. But a new schoolyear doesn’t have to mean that all playing fun is now over. With Clics in the classroom you can play and learn at the same time. Now that is some seriously good news!

Stimulating fine motor skills while playing
Clics is – amongst other things – an excellent toy to help develop fine motor skills. That is because Clics is teaching children’s hands how to work together. That is why Clics is perfect for the classroom. At a young age to help
the fine motor skills and after that because Clics is challenging creativity. With Clics you are litterally holding the perfect tool in your hands to improve your 3D thinking. Perfect for your math skills! And that’s how we got to the really interesting part: braintraining doesn’t have to be boring at all. Simply because you can do it with your favorite toy! More so, you don’t even have to build complicated constructions in order to get a better spatial awareness. Even when building that cool racecar or glitter handbag, Clics educational toys are doing what they are supposed to do: providing hours of educational fun.

school-2  school-1

Time to mobilize your parents and your teacher!
Can you picture it? Building a Clics masterpiece together with your classmates? Just imagine how much fun this will be, but also what you will learn. You will improve your fine motor skills, learn how to
think in 3D, develop your creativity and – as a bonus – work on the group atmosphere. And… (shhht) we don’t mind blabbing out that also your teacher will learn something out of this… Namely that educational toys actually work. Children more easily absorb new information while having fun. That will give you the persuasive argument you need to convince anyone that you can never play enough with Clics!

Want to find out more about Clics? You will find all information you need on our website.


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