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“Junior Clics? An amazing invention!”

Nicki is a young mom, and her son absolutely loves playing with blocks and building things! For him, Clics is a gift from God. “It’s fantastic! He’s only 3 years old, but Junior Clics keeps him busy for hours!”

“My son is absolutely crazy about clicking and building”
Nicki learned about Clics by chance. “I had been looking for building blocks for my sun that are fun and, most importantly. He’s always doing stuff with his hands and adores piling things up or clicking things into each other”, she laughs. “We love that he’s always so active and wanted to stimulate him to build things. However, it was difficult to find the right product. Lego blocks, for example, are way too small for a three-year-old who loves putting things in his mouth. That was out of the question”.

“The blocks are large and safe”
That’s when Nicki stumbled upon Clics. “What an amazing invention!” she shouts enthusiastically.  “I was sold instantly. And more importantly: so was my son! The fun colours appealed to him and the click-system Junior Clics uses is not difficult at all. Moreover, the blocks are big enough, so he can’t swallow them if he wants to chew on them.”

“We have one Junior Clics box, which has kept my son busy for months. He can always start over and build new things. The last thing he built was a giraffe – he was so proud! (laughs). And the next day he already built another of his favourite animals. It’s astonishing how many things you can build with those blocks.”

“His fine motor skills improved”
“The best part about Clics, for me, is that they spark my son’s imagination. If I see him like that, sunk in deep though or super excited about one of his constructions, I’m happy that I’ve found Clics. His fine motor skills have improved a lot over the past few months as well. I bet Clics has something to do with that”.


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