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Wibbly Wobbly Friends

An Elephant! A Pig! An Octopus! Or how about an ElePigTopus! You name it, you can make it with Magimals! These cheerful animals appeal to the imagination of your toddler. Mix & Match them and let your imagination run wild!

Charlotte S.

“With these little animals, our daughter of almost 2 years went absolutely crazy! The head of the Chicken was on the body of the Monkey and had legs of an Elephant. It made her laugh really hard! When will there be more animals in the stores? ;-)”

Femke H.

“My kids of 1 & 2 love to play with these in the bath. They make up new animals together and have a blast. They also bite on it occasionally, but quickly under some lukewarm water and they are clean again! Pretty happy with this product!


At first glance, Magimals seem like ordinary animals. But as soon as your imagination takes over, very different animals appear in your animal kingdom! With this Mix&Match assortment your toddler will not get bored! These magnetic animals can be completely transformed!

Soft and Squeezable

Magimals are soft in texture and your toddler may squeeze them, bite them, etc… The Magimals fit perfectly in a child’s hand and are bite-resistant!


Magimals consist of 3 parts. The head, the body and the feet. Each part has a built-in magnet in order to be easily put together. The magnets are thoroughly tested AND safe!

Wibbly Wobbly Toys

In each set of Magimals you have 2 animals. Take the feet off the animals and let them wiggle around together!

Great Bath Toy

Magimals may join your little one in the bathtub for an adventure! The Magimals have no small holes, so you have no risk of bacteria and musty odors! You can also easily clean them under lukewarm water.

Need some inspiration?

Why Magimals?

Magimals guarantees hours of playtime fun. As children can give free rein to their imagination by mixing the animals together!

There are already 3 sets available; Farm, Sealife & Sarfari. And shhh…we are already in full development to release even more fun animals and some accessories!
Your animal kingdom will expand soon! 😉

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