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Kids can play with Clics from 3 years on and older. For these 3-year old children we’ve developed a new specific line to our range: Junior Clics. These blocks are softer than the standard Clics blocks. These Junior Clics are made to create easy constructions. There are also stronger Clics blocks to play with. These are made for children 3 years and older.
The blocks are manufactured in the Clics factory in Belgium, near to the city of Antwerp. In this factory the packaging is also being filled and the finished products are stored in the
Yes, they are. The Clics blocks and accessories are regularly tested by an external independent laboratory. This laboratory checks if Clics complies to all legislations for Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, etc….
In total, there are 22 colours. • 4 basic colours: red, yellow, green and blue. • Clics are also available in black, brown, purple, orange, grey, white and transparent. • There even are glitter Clics, the blocks are glitter pink, yellow, green or blue., very popular for girls. • Clics is also available in metallic colours, the blocks are metallic red, yellow, green, blue, black or grey. • Clics recently added a new colour to its range: “glow in the dark”. These blocks light up in the dark after exposing them to the light for a few minutes. Of course they are perfectly safe.

Use of energy:

The latest machines don’t use more energy than a good vacuum

Use of water:

The Clics moulds are cooled down by water which is being recycled in a closed

Plastic waist:

Clics has also made an ecological improvement regarding the raw materials (PP and Nylon). Due to colour changes in production of Clics, accessories and plastic packaging, it’s normal that some elements don’t pass the colour procedure. These Clics will be ground to small particles and they will be re-used. This way there is no


All the Clics carton boxes and paper building plans are made from paper or carton, made by producers that adopt FCS and/or PEFC reforestation programs. (

Who can I contact for more information?

If you need more information, or if you have question, you can contact us:

Telephone: +32 3 633 32 08 (working days between 9 am – 5 pm)

Fax: +32 3 633 01 40

Magformers® uses cylindrical neodymium magnets. Because of the unique shape, they make sure they always attract each other. (2D) then can be pulled up to a construction 3D.
Yes, we found an online review on ABS. Welding Set Depending on it, Magformers® shapes may appear from magnets. It does not matter which Magformers® form I, they are all ultrasound welded in demo are safe in can not get rid of.
Magformers® is made to very high quality standards. Each Magformers® form is an online ultrasound gel. The ABS is used with Neodymium magnets.
Through this link he can view and download a lot of construction ideas Http://
Please contact us at or +32 3633 32 08

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