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Flexible building sticks

Do your kids love to craft and build? Then put our Spaghetteez on their plate, a guaranteed success! Spaghetteez are soft, flexible rods that click together easily and with which you can make many imaginative creations. Children from 4 years old can let their creativity run wild with Spaghetteez

Nicka L.

“Hours of fun, it lets the children work their imagination. They really make everything: animals, cars, houses, bracelets, …”

Valerie K.

“Didn’t know this at all, but kids play very much with it. It’s a bit of tinkering and building together. They can follow the plans or start making things themselves, which is great fun.” 

Click, twist and

With the pasta-shaped sticks from Spaghetteez you can craft the most diverse figures: houses, elephants, flowers, … The bigger your imagination, the more fun! Spaghetteez come in different colors and sizes so that your child can express themselves in the most creative way. Still need a little extra inspiration? In the instruction booklet you will find crazy creations with clear step-by-step instructions!

Curious about what you can
build with Spaghetteez?

Spaghetteez? That's
educational and fun!!

Children not only have a lot of fun with Spaghetteez, they also learn a thing or two by playing. Motor skills are developed and spatial awareness and creative thinking are stimulated. That is why Spaghetteez received the STEM label, which is only awarded to educationally responsible toys.

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Spaghetteez 70 stuks


Spaghetteez 70 pcs set


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