Sustainable and educational toys for the little ones

What are educational toys?

Toys play a crucial role in your child’s development. It not only guides children in their play: without realizing it, children also work on their own development. With the right toys you contribute to intellectual, social and motor development.

The toys of Clics Toys are designed in such a way that the game is always central. So children can simply remain children. They develop new skills in a playful way, but always from their own creativity.

From game to skill

Children who play develop themselves. That has even been scientifically proven. Children who play with the right educational toys develop even better. Children’s play is the most natural form of learning. Investing in adapted toys is therefore essential. As a parent and as a society.

Grow through play

Free play is to a child what words are to an adult. Clics Toys gives children a way to express and develop themselves in an endlessly creative way. It works best when they are not aware of that learning process. So get rid of memo cards for a while, time to build!

Educational toys
help with motor

The best toys are more than just fun. Play and fun are of course central, but at Clics Toys we also think about the impact that our toys have on your child’s development.

Our toys cleverly anticipate the different phases in motor development: from the first grasping reflex to fine-tuning fine motor skills, just look at our Clics, Clixo or Magformers: the colorful building blocks are perfectly tailored to a child’s hand.

Brent P.

“Beautiful and versatile toy. Good quality and endless fun. Everything is possible thanks to the magnetic shapes. Beautiful design.” 

Finne L.

“These toys are for young and old. My granddaughter is disabled and we deliberately looked for something for her and she plays and builds with it every day.”

Adapted to any age