Educational toys

Playing with CLICS is the fun way of learning

CLICS makes toys with a plus. Why? Well, first of all because our building blocks for kids can be combined indefinitely. The more CLICS, the more fun. CLICS just grows along with your child, because those same pieces of CLICS turn into new shapes as your child evolves. CLICS is also one of those educational toys that will stimulate and support the development of your child. How? Because CLICS appeals to each phase in the development of a child. CLICS helps:

  • Improving the fine motor skills of children
  • Learning to recognize patterns
  • Stimulate the imagination
  • The ability of children to solve problems

In short, CLICS provides hours of learning fun and we are proud of that! CLICS is a learning toy that is also fun and intelligent. CLICS carries the essence of educational toys.

Edu CLICS program

CLICS is a leader in educational toys which is why South-Korean private schools run an educational program with 100.000 children, exclusively with CLICS. Over a period of 3 months, children get 2 hours of CLICS Class a week. A specialized team of educational experts uses dedicated learning material and specially designed schoolbooks to teach the children how to learn while playing with CLICS. The method is so effective that the program has been expanded ever since its launch in 2010.

Educational program

Other countries also recognize the value of CLICS as a learning toy. Our Mega CLICS Rollerbox 34 in 1 is the favorite starting pack in many classrooms. Understandable if you see that everybody gets to learn and play with the many building plans and the 800 CLICS pieces. The Mega CLICS Rollerbox 34 in 1 provides hours of educational fun for generations of pupils. Because CLICS is educational and responsible, but also fun, hygienic, safe and durable. Therefore, CLICS is the favorite toy for those looking for attractive educational toys for both educators and children.