Sustainable and educational toys for the little ones

Sustainable toys made from
recycled plastic

Collection of used plastic

We collect thousands of used plastic fruit packaging every day


We process the fruit trays into plastic granules ourselves, so we can be sure of the supply and quality

Toys again

We use these plastic granules to make Clics blocks and packaging that guarantee hours of fun

We strive for 100% recycled toys

Clics Toys strives for the most energy-efficient production using green energy. Our products are not only produced locally in Belgium, we also use recycled plastic. Our building blocks consist of 50% recycled plastic, our packaging (plastic buckets, roller boxes, …) already consists of 100% recycled materials!
We are constantly looking for ways to produce our entire product range with recycled plastic, without compromising on quality, flexibility and fun!

Our factory can recycle up to 

1.600 kg

of plastic daily

The Clics Toys factory can make up to 


per day

All these efforts reduce Clics Toys’ carbon footprint by 


Solar-powered production!

Our solar panel park generates 18,000 kWh of green energy, so that we can process the recycled materials in an energy-efficient way.

We strive for a better future for your child

Clics Toys takes care of the planet because we believe in a bright future. We take our responsibility by investing in local production, with a solar energy and making products that are completely made from recycled materials. In this way, children can play with educational, enjoyable and responsible toys not only today, but also tomorrow.