Sustainable and educational toys for the little ones

Original and innovative toys

At Clics Toys we love toys and children. It is therefore not surprising that we are passionate about our profession. The fact that we also do this well is confirmed by the countless awards we have already won, although that is certainly not our main focus.

The Clics Toys team is driven by a genuine belief in the value and importance of educational toys, we are fully committed to the fun and development of your child! That is why we continue to invest in our own development, so that we remain the most innovative toy producer!

Supremely Belgian!

Clics Toys is proud of its Belgian roots. Some of our toys are produced here, but millions of children around the world play with our building blocks!
Over the years we have continuously added new products to our range. Just think of Magformers, Stick-o or Blockaroo. This is how we keep ourselves fresh and children happy!

Unique toys

The passion with which we open the doors of our toy factory every day, translates into toys that are one of a kind. A quirky mix of creativity, sustainability and boundless fun! Our products are fair, environmentally friendly and locally produced. The toughest critics are children themselves, and let them be our biggest fans!

We strive for 100% recycled toys

Clics Toys strives for the most energy-efficient production. Our products are not only produced locally in Belgium, we also use recycled plastic. Our building blocks consist of 50% recycled plastic, our packaging (plastic buckets, roller boxes, …) already consists of 100% recycled materials!

We are constantly looking for ways to produce our entire product range with recycled plastic, without compromising on quality, flexibility and fun!