Sustainable and educational toys for the little ones


Soft magnetic
building blocks for little hands

Blockaroo’s soft magnetic blocks allow toddlers to build and create like never before! The large, soft foam shapes are ideal for little ones. They have been developed by teachers and rigorously tested for safety. Blockaroo complies with the most stringent international safety regulations, so that your child can play carefree!

Sandra A.

“Really recommended! Both my 1-year-old son and my 4-player daughter love it very much.”

Nick B.

“They are big, soft blocks that click together with magnets, really good find. I had never seen this before, too bad I didn’t discover them sooner.”

Toys that
grow with your child

Blockaroo introduces your child to shapes, colors and simple building mechanisms. The blocks stimulate creativity and spatial awareness. The more you play, the more extensive the possibilities become!

Curious what
you can build?

Winner of several toy awards

What makes Blockaroo really special is the innovative magnetic system that allows the blocks to magically connect together. The blocks never repel each other, creating endless play possibilities. Once clicked together, the blocks can still rotate 360 ​​degrees. More options for even more fun! No wonder Blockaroo has won several awards.

Ideal bath toy

Blockaroo can resist some forces, even water! Ideal toys for safe bathing. The blocks float and you can even stick them to the bathtub thanks to the metal lining of your bath. Make every bath time an educational and enjoyable experience that parents and children look forward to!

Blockaroo is easy to clean. When the blocks are dirty, simply place them in the top rack of the dishwasher. After one wash they are as good as new!

Discover the
Blockaroo products​

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