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A summer plenty of Clics next to the beach in Koksijde

July 27, 2016

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A beach holiday at the Belgian coast surrounded by building blocks? That would be ‘Clics Koksijde’ at the cultural centre CasinoKoksijde. A summer event that will make both parents and children happy. That’s because Clics Koksijde is so much more than endless fun playing with building blocks. It is an experience that is not to be missed while visiting the Belgian coast.

Famous buildings made of building blocks
No, fortunately you won’t have to build them yourselves. We’ve already taken care of that in the exposition part of this summer event. You will find Clics versions of the Dunes Abbey museum, the town hall or the South Abbey Mill. Don’t you need a lot of Clics for that? Well…, yeah… More than a 100.000, so that’s quite a lot! But that is why the result is so stunning. An extraordinary exposition that will captivate the whole family. Do you prefer more action? Or are 100.000 Clics building blocks not enough?

Play zones that capture the imagination
Then you will just love the many play zones. In different themed playcorners you can unleash your imagination and build the smartest creations with 150.000 Clics building blocks in 22 colors. Anything is possible because you’ll find a Clics Build & Play corner, a Zoo and a Dinos theme, but also Racing, Heros and even Glitter and Fashion. With the help of a Clics building plan you’ll build a breathtaking creation in no time. Then again, you may be a brilliant designer and surprise us with a creation of your own?

Just as much fun if you’re not into building blocks
Clics Koksijde is a summer event for the entire family. So, even if you are not particularly thinking of playing with building blocks, you will still have a wonderful and fun day playing. How about a hopscotch made out of Clics building blocks? Or challenge your friends at a giant game of ‘Twister’ or ‘Ludo’? And yes, even those giant games are made entirely out of Clics. We are not calling it a world of Clics in vein!

Are you having trouble separating from the Clics building blocks after all that Clics fun? Not to worry! You’ll receive your free starter bag of Clics at the exit. This way, you can keep playing with building blocks. Do you have a more ambitious Clics building plan? Then you’ll find your favorite boxes of Clics in the shop at very reasonable prices.

Are you starting to get excited? Then let’s meet at Clics Koksijde. You will find all practical information on this summer event on this website. See you soon, for a summer full of Clics!



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