Sustainable and educational toys for the little ones

Nano Clics

Renewed building fun

Collection of used plastic

We collect thousands of used plastic fruit packaging every day


We process the trays into plastic granules ourselves, so we can be sure of the supply and quality

Toys again

We use these plastic granules to make Clics blocks and packaging that guarantee hours of fun

Nano Clics are construction toys that guarantee hours of fun. The new cubes have a unique click system that allows you to build things quickly and easily. All parts fit together seamlessly, creating endless possibilities. Versatile toys for children with boundless imagination!

Saskia B.

“Deze nieuwe Clics zijn echt te gek! Onze zoon van 8 is er steeds mee aan het bouwen.”

Lucas P.

“Zelf ben ik 21 en heb vroeger nog de klassieke Clics gehad, deze zijn echt top!”

Toys that click

The unique click system ensures that blocks fit together easily. This allows children to create the most beautifully detailed structures in no time. Fancy a new construction? No problem, you can take the blocks apart and start again right away!

Need inspiration?

Fun and
educational toys

Nano Clics is designed to stimulate the imagination of children ages 8 and up. The small version of our classic Clics is also a fun hobby for adults! With these new building blocks we enter a new phase in endless building!

The Nano Clics building blocks fit together perfectly and the ball-joint blocks provide even more building possibilities than ever before. Discover the new way of detailed building. Fun, creative and educational!

At our toy factory in Wuustwezel, we produce up to 150 million blocks per year

150 million

Clics & Nano Clics per year

The largest Clics structure ever made, consists of more than 320,000 blocks

320.000 blocs

Castle at Middelkerke sand sculpture festival in 2023

With the launch of Nano Clics, we also immediately released a 2nd block with a hole, the ball-joint. This one allows even more realistic constructions!

Ball-joint bloc

Build even more detailed than ever before!

Discover our sets from Nano Clics

NC001 - Nano Clics Creative Builders 125pcs

Nano Clics

Creative Builders – 125pcs


2017 will be all Clics!
Clics also put the toys in the Christmas tree!
Look, here comes the steamboat…