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A toy crown made of Clics for a princess with guts!

October 4, 2016

Are you thinking of a toy car or a train when thinking of building toys? Building blocks for girls allow you to build girls stuff. Sure, girls like to build a toy caravan or a toy car, but once in a while, things should be a little more frivolous. A little bling bling! Any glitter queen wants her own, unique toy crown, right? Well, from now on you’ll be able to build it yourself, with Clics!


Glitter Clics, because Clics knows what girls want!
The world can always do with a bit of extra glitter and glamour. That is why at Clics we thought it was time to launch a new bucket of Glitter Clics. A pack of building blocks for girls that will allow them to play in style. This bucket contains everything Clics has to offer. It’s full of educational, fun and durable building blocks for girls who will absolutely adore the shiny colors and the glitter effect. Just imagine… 133 glitter Clics and 42 accessories. That’s an awful lot of building fun, including that indestructible toy crown that’ll be the finishing touch of your princess’ status.

Endless possibilities, even more glitter
Build the most gorgeous creations with the new Glitter Clics. What about a couple of new fashion accessories such as a bracelet or a handbag? Or do you prefer the more ‘heavy’ works and is a hovercraft what you have in mind? It doesn’t matter what you build, every creation will shine beautifully. That’s the magic of Glitter Clics. You can build solid and durable designs in genuine girly colors. That is why this bucket will undoubtedly be the favorite of little princesses, fashion designers and engineers to be who all know that girls can be just as creative with building blocks as boys. The fact that those blocks have the right look is simply a bonus!

Do you like glitter and a challenge? Go ahead and build a stunning creation with the newest Glitter Clics bucket 8 in 1. You might end up in the Clics Hall of Fame or win a great prize. Time to shine!

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