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With Clics in the garden

Hooray! Summertime! This means getting to play outside, with your Clics! Go ahead and invite some friends over to build a gigantic Clics toy farm. With Clics, you can build your own toy animals or even a tractor. That’s how you’ll get to spend your entire summer with Clics in the garden.

Move your room to the garden with Clics
Have you been a Clics fanatic for a long time now? Or are you just starting to discover the Clics world? In any case, we have some good news: you really can play with your favorite Clics all year round. Clics building blocks not only come with many themes, they’re also extremely solid and perfectly fit for playing outside. That is why you can simply move your Clics to the garden during your summer vacation. Build a big farm full of wonderful animals in the garden together with your friends. You can keep extending your toy farm with more animals, an extra stable or a plough or a toy tractor for example.


A real life toy farm in nature
By taking your Clics into the garden, you’ll add an original touch to your creations. Your toy farm is outside, surrounded by nature. This way, you will be able to seriously test if your toy tractor is fit for work in a heavier terrain. Also, your toy animals will have a genuine pasture to graze. Playing outside has never been such fun and – as a bonus – you’ll get to keep using your creations after the summer vacation. Just take them back to your room! Have you had enough of the farm life? Just build a new world for yourself using the same Clics. Your Build & Play bucket allows you just as easily to build a toy farm as it will help you designing a racecar or a hovercraft.

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You will find everything you need in your Clics box. Even the Clics building plans are included. Of course, we prefer to challenge you into using your own imagination. Have you invented and constructed your own design? Then quickly take a picture of it! It may end up on the Clics website offering you eternal fame in Clics land as well as allow you to win a fantastic prize!


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