STICK-O: Attractive magnetic children’s toys

It is no longer a secret, at Clics Toys we have a passion for toys. Not just toys, but educational toys with a plus. A plus? Yes! Because the STEM toys from Clics Toys are just fun. That means that we really shape learning while playing. And from September 2019 we will do the same with Stick-O: super fun magnetic toys for children as from 1.5 years.

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What is Stick-O?

Stick-O is the perfect addition to the existing educational toys from Clics Toys. Why? Because it has been developed as a children’s toy for toddlers from 1.5 years. Good news, because from now on younger children will also discover the power of magnetic toys.

Stick-O is educational, colorful, safe and fun! In short, the ideal choice if you are looking for educational toys for children from 18 months on.

Intelligent toys for children from 1.5 years

Stick-O is an intelligent toy. Intelligent because it is cleverly engineered and because it makes your child smarter. What’s so smart about Stick-O’s magnetic toys? First and foremost, Stick-O is safe. It is designed for young children from 18 months. In addition, the elements have rotating magnets that are fully integrated into the casing. These rotating magnets ensure that each part always fits on a different piece, no matter how your child turns the elements. So more fun and as a bonus, the magnetic Stick-O rods/elements are compatible with similar magnetic toys.