CLICS: building toys for children as from the age of three

Are you looking for toys that will boost your child’s creativity and imagination? Original construction toys for boys and girls as from the age of three? Your toddler will experience many hours of enjoyment while playing with CLICS building boxes.

  • Endless Construction Enjoyment
  • Unique Structures
  • Educational Toys
  • Patented Toys

How to CLICS?

My daughter thinks it’s great to build all kinds of things. With CLICS you can build as much as you want. For children, this is the perfect toy to be creative.

What is CLICS?

CLICS is a unique click system that consists of plastic building blocks. You can build something quickly and easily because all the blocks fit into each other seamlessly. Children are, therefore given endless possibilities and enjoy playing with their building boxes for many years.

A few figures?

  • We produce about 150 million CLICS a year.
  • The largest CLICS carpet has 187,500 blocks.
  • More than 100,000 children have a true Master CLICS diploma in South Korea.

What can you build with the blocks?

What can you build with the blocks? Houses, cranes, vehicles, animals, etc. in 2D and 3D. Any bestsellers? Glitter CLICS , CLICS police, CLICS Rollerboxes, etc.

Every box or toy bucket contains a construction plan that can be used to make different structures. Do you prefer to create what you come up with yourself? Let your fantasy run free. The more CLICS , the bigger you can build.

Super large pinocchio in CLICS

Do you want to order CLICS products?

  • Make toys yourself
  • Stimulate creativity and motor skills
  • Durable toys for many years of enjoyment

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